What are Farm Bills ?


Farm Bills are not one,  but two bills named Agricultural Crop Marketing (Promotion and Implementation) Bill 2020 and the Agriculture (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement 2020 on Price Assurance and Agricultural Services.

They are jointly introduced as Farm Bills by the Center in the Lok Sabha last week. The new bills are a replacement for two ordinances brought by the central government on the same issue this year.

Central Government Points

* The Agricultural Crop Marketing (Promotion and Implementation) Bill 2020 will give better markets for the sale of agricultural crops.

* Agriculture (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement 2020 would give farmers the freedom to enter into agreements with crop purchasing agencies without threatening the existing system.

* The central government says the new bills will help to ensure better prices for agricultural crops and avoid exploitation. The bills may be beneficial for small farmers who are unable to adopt more ways to improve production or bargain for better prices for their crops.

Opposition Parties Points

* The crops produced by farmers were procured by the Food Corporation of India and distributed through the public distribution system until now. But the allegation is that the system will end with the advent of new bills.

* There is a strong fear of the bills as they may direct the agricultural sector to the control of corporates.

* The Bills are against the basic concept of co-operative federalism enshrined in the Constitution and may directly affect the functioning of the states. 

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