Viral video shows China’s mistreatment of ethnic Uighurs


The investigates the claim that a viral video show china’s mistreatment of ethnic Uighurs. The video is from aconcentration camp where china has lodged the Uighur Muslims. China is crushing the Uighurs.Inside those concentration camps they are holding up to three million Muslims they are beating them to covert their religion, eat pork they are basically trying to impose Islam with Chinese characteristics or if not they gon murder them kill them separate them from their families and friends.

The video has been shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “This is so heartbreaking, I can’t sleep watching these video. for those who aren’t aware of what’s happening in China, Just imagine. If you has a family member in those camps they’re someone’s kids,parents, brother, and sister too”, said video share the person.

video 1

The One-minute video shows a soldier beating the man with a belt while another man in a dark blue uniform and a white helmet is also present.

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