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Vasan Eye Care Hospital, one of the largest ophthalmology hospitals of India, is doing a great business for last few years. Of late, Vasan Eye Care has gone international too, and has opened its units in Sri Lanka, Saudi Arab and other countries. Recently, the inaugural ceremony of the 100th Vasan Eye Care Hospital and Research Centre at Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, has taken place. It is no wonder that Vasan Eyecare is an emerging business in India; it has already become one of the best healthcare businesses in India.

No wonder, therefore, that businessmen will want to open Vasan Eye Care franchise hospital, and investors will want to invest in Vasan Eye Care Hospital IPO. Is that actually possible? Let us find out!

Does Vasan Eye Care offer franchise business units?

Sadly, it is not. We cannot predict the future but till now, opening Vasan eye hospital franchise in India is a distant dream. In an interview to The Hindu Business Line, Mr S. Sudheer, Director-Operations, Vasan Eye Care Hospital, made it clear that there is no plan for any Vasan Eye Care franchise unit. All hospital are directly owned and managed. Mr Sudheer felt, that personal care and value added services will be compromised if services are outsourced.

Bottom line: Vasan Eye Care Hospital franchises in India are not in offer. Not at the moment. If you were looking for Vasan Eye Care franchise investments, costs, ROI and other details, you should better take a look at our available Indian franchise business opportunities.

How to invest in Vasan Eye Care Hospital business?

So, having accepted that there is no Vasan eye hospital franchise model, can’t you be a part of their growth story? There might be a way. Please note, might be. From the interview of Mr Sudheer, it has been clear that Vasan Eye Care Hospital IPO investments may come out as a reality for investor in the days to come. The Director-Operations of the company has refused to provide any further details of Vasan Eye Care IPO, since it is not under his control or jurisdiction. He only maintained that “currently the issues of IPO are on discussion”. So, if you are looking for Vasan eye hospitals investment business, you have to wait till they come out with a detailed investment outlay and their plans of any IPO to fund their dazzling growth and expansions.

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