Teen Girl breaks Guinness World Record for longest legs


Texas: A 17 year-old Girl has Broken the Guinness World Record for having the world’s longest legs. she from texas, Maci Currin left leg measures 135.267cms and right leg measures 134.3cms. She is 6 ft 10 and her legs make up 60 per cent of her total height. Maci has knocked Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina off the top spot for the Guinness World Record for longest female legs.

I was never bullied for my legs. I was bullied because I was taller than everyone, Maci said. However, she observed the right attitude while dealing with such people and said that she stopped caring after a certain point of time. Around sophomore year, I just stopped caring what people thought of me and once I just stopped caring, I wasn’t affected by anything, she added.

One big advantage of her height and that is, she is a champ in her high school’s volleyball team. Maci Currin intends to study in a college in the United Kingdom in the future and also achieve the record for being the world’s tallest professional model.

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