Teen Boy has made a UVC Radiation based Sanitisation Box


Mumbai: Pune’s 14-year-old Boy made a UVC Radiation based Sanitisation Box. Aditya Pachpande has not only developed an ultraviolet-C radiation-based sanitisation box but is also distributing it to the needy for free.

The Suraksha Box does not use any chemicals to disinfect fruits and vegetables. He Built after seeing his mother struggle with disinfecting fruits and vegetables, has received a patent from the central government. The Suraksha Box has also earned a recommendation from the country’s only mechanical engineering research institute, CSIR-CMERI.

He said, I was inspired by Albert Einstein’s famous words ‘In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity. The box uses Ultraviolet-C radiation, or UVC, which is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces. According to the US Food and Drug Association, UVC effectively destroy SARS-Coronavirus, and many have a similar nullifying effect on the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

The Suraksha Box was first launched by Aditya’s company NextGenInnov8 at the World Student Innovation Summit on October 2 and immediately garnered widespread interest. Aditya launched “Mission 15.1k” to donate 15,100 COVID-19 Suraksha Boxes to the poor and needy at the summit, which marked Mahatama Gandhi’s 151st birthday.

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