Shocking Report: Usage of paper cups in drinking tea and coffee can increase chances of cancer


According to a recently conducted research, drinking tea and coffee from paper cups can increase the chances of cancer. When we pour hot tea or coffee in a paper or a plastic cup, the tiny plastic particles on the inside surface of the cup get dissolved with the drink, making it highly contaminated and harmful for one’s health.

The paper cups have an inner lining that helps the cups to stay waterproof. The zinc, lead and chromium in the hot water we pour in the cup to make tea or coffee may come up with the microplastics in the inner lining. The researchers have found an average of 25,000 microplastics per cup which are nearly the size of a micron, whose width is nearly 25 times the size of human hair.

“Microplastics act as carriers for contaminants like ions, toxic heavy metals such as palladium, chromium and cadmium. When ingested regularly over time, the health implications could be serious,” researchers said.

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