Service Online Portal Registration ( New Account) & Login Step by Step Guide


Yes, the Government has initiated a Services Online Portal, which brings all the Government Services Online. Under this Portal, the citizens can access to different services by registering on the Service Online Portal also called Service Plus-2 Portal.

The list of services includes Regulatory, Statutory, Developmental and Consumer Utility Services on the Portal. Portal Registration ( New Account) & Step by Step Guide to Login 

In this article, we explain the different services provided by the Online Portal, Step by Step guide to register and how to log in online on the Portal.

List of services provided by Service Online Portal 

Let us see the list of various services offered by the Service Online or Service Plus-2 Portal

  • Consumer Utility Services
  • Developmental Services
  • Regulatory Services 
  • Statutory Services 

Service Online Portal Registration: Create New Account @

Let us see the step by step guide for creating a new account on the Service Online Portal

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  • Click on the Login tab on the Menu Bar.
  • Click on the Register Here link, as shown. 
Service Online Portal Registration
  • It redirects the Applicant to the given below Registration Form.
Service Online Portal Registration
  • In the Form Enter Full Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, New Password and State.
  • Enter the Captcha Code and Click on Validate.
  • It redirects the Applicant to the given below page. 
Service Online Portal Registration
  • An OTP is generated to both your Active Mail ID and Registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter the OTP in both the Mobile Number and Mail ID.
  • Click on the Submit Button.
  • It opens a new tab that shows the registration is successful.
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Service Online Portal Registration: Step by Step Guideline to Login

  • Go Back to Home Page and Click Login
  • Enter your User Name and Password and Enter the Captcha Code
Service Online Portal Registration
  • After that, click on Login.
  • It redirects to the User Dashboard, where you can see the options on the left side of the page.
Service Online Portal Registration
  • By Clicking on the Manage Profile, you can View, Edit Profile and Change Password.
  • By Clicking on the Apply for Services, you can view, search and apply all the available services on the Portal.
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  • Now Click on the Desired Service and Start Applying the Service you want to apply.
  • Service Application form for “Issuance of Covid Pass AP” below.
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  • In the same way, you can select the different services of your requirement
  • Now on the Dashboard, click on the View Status of Application.
Service Online Portal Registration
  • In this section, you can Track Application, View Incomplete Application, Re-validate Payment and Modify Submissions.
  • For Example, you can see the image of the Application Status below 
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  • In the last section, you can see the Messages and Alerts where you can find the Feedback Form.
  • Click on the Feedback, and you find the below form.
  • In the feedback form, select if the Feedback is related to General or Service.
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  • Enter the Feedback and Select the Satisfaction Level.
  • Now, Click on the Submit tab.
  • You can Logout from the Portal by clicking on your name on the Top Right of the Portal
  • Click on the Logout to exit from the Dashboard.

Service Online Portal Registration FAQ

What is the scope of the services we can apply on the Service Online Portal?

Yes, we can apply the Listed Government Services related to all the States in India on the Service Online Portal.

Can an applicant Submit his/her feedback on the Service Online Portal?

Yes, the applicant can Submit his/her feedback on the Service Online Portal.

Can someone register and create an account on the service online portal?

Yes, we can register and create an account on the service online portal to avail the services provided by the service online portal.

Can we search and apply for the state wise services on the portal?

Yes, we can search and apply for state wise services on the service online portal.

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