Sattu:A refreshing drink to keep you cool under Summer Heat


Summers are almost here, the season of warm breeze and scorching heat. With the rise in temperature, we often switch to refreshing and hydrating drinks to quench our thirst. While water keeps you hydrated, but there are many beverages that can help you stay reenergized as they have a cooling effect on the body. One of the beverages that act as a great thirst-quencher is Sattu, which is made by roasting and grounding Kala chana (Bengal gram).
If you are from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, or Madhya Pradesh, Sattu is no stranger to you. It is a great source of protein and is also referred to as Poor man’s protein. Not just protein it is full of fibre, carbs, iron, calcium, and lots of vitamins and minerals. It is touted to be the best drink to beat the heat and can be consumed in many ways. It is mostly consumed as a sherbet with a pinch of lemon, cumin seeds, and black salt.
Major reasons why you should add Sattu to your everyday diet in summers: 

Weight Loss: If you want to shed those extra kilos, then switch to sattu. Have sattu on an empty stomach, fights bloating, improves metabolism, and helps in burning calories too.

Improves digestion: Have a glass of sattu sherbet on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It improves digestion tract function as the salt, iron, and fibre in sattu can improve bowel movement, according to Healthshots.

Cooling effect on the body: The blazing heat can drain the energy, drink sattu as it acts as a great thirst-quencher and can make you feel energized.

Improves blood sugar level: As sattu is low in the glycaemic index and has high fiber, it will keep your blood sugar level under control. That’s not it, it will control your cholesterol levels.

Flushes out toxins: Sattu can detoxify your body. By consuming it on a regular basis you are indirectly protecting your body from several health issues.
Did you know, sattu is gluten-free and is great for your bone health? That’s not it, the power of protein also helps women during their menstruation.

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