Rubber Price Stabilisation Scheme


The state government has given a green signal to continue the rubber production incentive scheme in Kerala. In the Kerala Budget 2017-18, the government has allocated Rs. 500 Crore for another one year. The scheme is benefiting the small-scale rubber farmers by providing them the incentive for the growth of rubbers.

Under the Rubber Subsidy scheme, if the wholesale prices of rubber fall down below Rs. 150 per kilo gram then the balance amount will be paid by the government in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries through direct bank transfer.

Small-scale farmers, having rubber plantation in an area up to 5 acres will get the benefits of the rubber production incentive scheme. 50% planter in Kerala state comprises in the range of small-scale planter of rubber and producing large amount of rubber across the country.

As per the information, 90% of all rubber is produced by Kerala planter and the state stands in the first place of natural rubber producer in the country.

Application form for registration of rubber farmers

The interested rubber farmers can register themselves to avail the benefits of the scheme by filling up the application form using the link below.
Rubber farmer registration form link:

The list of beneficiaries of rubber production incentive scheme can be checked at the below link

Helpline Numbers
9446002557: 10 AM – 5 PM (except Sunday and public Holidays)
7356388959: 10 AM – 8 PM (except Sunday)

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