Rs 437 crore worth iphones looted from Bengaluru


Bengaluru: In the loot occured on Saturday, in Wistron’s Kolar plant the company has estimated the loss of Rs 437 crore. The company has filed complaint to the police and the labour department. The loot was occurred in the assembly unit of iphones in Karnataka. It was held during the two hour violence and damage caused to Wistron’s assembly line and factory equipment on Saturday.

The dispute between Wistron and the contract labourers has been going on for three months.Along with the 1,200 permanent employees, Wistron had contracted six subsidiary companies to hire 8,900 people for its Kolar unit. The payment due to these workers resulted in the violence occurred in the unit, but the company says it had paid the salaries to the labour contractors. They  delayed in giving the payments to the employees and caused unnecessary loss to the company.

Karnataka labour  minister Shivaram Hebbar said the damages caused to the company were unacceptable and the company’s claim of giving the payment to the labour contractors will be verified soon.

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