Research, Design, Development, Demonstration

Ministry of New and Renewable Resources

The purpose of this scheme is to make the industry competitive and renewable, energy generation supply self-sustainable/ profitable.

RDD&D activities would focus on research, design and development that would lead to eventual manufacturing of complete systems, even if those activities are required to be shared among different institutions. Thus, there would be a need for system integration broadly covering, inter-alia, the following areas:

i) Alternate Fuels (hydrogen, bio & synthetic);

ii) Green Initiative for Future Transport (GIFT);

iii) Green Initiative for Power Generation


iv) Development of various new and renewable energy systems including high efficiency solar cells and solar cells;

v) Stand alone products to provide costeffective energy for cooking, lighting, motive power, drinking water and drying;

vi) Distributed new and renewable energy systems to provide cost competitive energy supply options for cooking, lighting and motive power to offset load on the grid;

vii) Products for urban, industrial and commercial applications.Nature of Assistance

Financial assistance for RDD&D projects that involve partnership with industry/civil society organizations should normally be restricted to 50% of the project cost. However, for any proposal from Universities, Government Research Institutions, Private Educational Institutions, etc. Ministry may provide up to 100% funding, depending on project priority. In the case of Private Educational Institutions especially engineering colleges have to furnish a declaration that they do not levy and collect donations for admissions from students while applying for R & D grants.

Who can apply?

Research and Development Institutions; Academic Institutions, Autonomous Institutions, Departments/Agencies/PSUs, States/UTs Government, Panchayats, Community based and organisations of civil societies

How to apply?

Applications and proposals are invited through advertisements placed in newspapers and/or on the MNRE website.

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