Regulated Mechanization of Coir Industry


Regulated Mechanization of Coir Industry (Outlay Rs. 6835.00 lakh)
Head of Account: 2851-00-106-62

To meet the global demand for coir products of superior quality and to withstand the price competition from other fibres, it is essential to modernize and enhance the productivity in coir industry. Viable projects of Co-operative societies, public sector undertakings and  other government institutions in the coir sector to modernize, expand, diversify, reorganize and revive their units / factories will be supported under the scheme.  Assistance for setting up and modernization of Waste Treatment plants, measures on pollution control, , providing infrastructure facilities including modern ratt /spinning / willowing machine, work sheds  of coir co operatives, strengthening quality control mechanism, establishment of common facility service centre, revitalization/ expansion / modernization / diversification of defibering mills also come under the purview of the scheme. No working capital support or man power and other related activities is envisaged under the scheme.

Provision can also be utilized for the preliminary works to set up a permanent exhibition and convention centre on a PPP Mode, integrated with the Coir Village of international standards too.

An amount of  6835.00lakh is provided in the Budget 2016-17 for the above activities.

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