Reform, Perform,Transform – Narendra Modi’s mantra at the UN General Assembly


Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges UN for reformation in his virtual address of 75th session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He has begun delivering his pre-recorded speech virtually as UN is holding the summit in New York in online format this year.

He focuses on India – UN relation General Assembly and calls for the need of reformation in UN activities.

“The people of India have been waiting for the United Nations complete its process of reforms for a long time now,” Modi said. He enquired about UN’s efforts to combat COVID, the global epidemic.

“We consider the whole world as one family. It is part of our culture and thinking. In the United Nations too, India has always given priority to world welfare. Changes in how the UN reacts, changes in its facilities, in its positioning, are the need of the hour,” he added. 

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