About PRIONE Franchise

Prione’s vision is to enable Indian small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the fast growing digital economy by creation and upliftment of SMB capabilities. We fulfil our vision by offering a variety of services tailored to help SMBs run their online businesses profitably.

Single Unit Investment for PRIONE Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:  5,00,001 – 10,00,000
Investments Includes:  cross icon  Franchise Fee   0tick icon  Equipments   2,50,000tick icon  Furniture and Fixtures   50,000cross icon  Advertising / Marketing  
Capital Investment required:  600,000
Expected Payback Period:  3 months
Expected ROI:  >30%
Any other Investment needed:  Manpower cost till break-even

Master Franchise Investment for PRIONE Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:  
Franchise Fee:  
Investments Includes:  cross icon  Furniture and Fixtures  cross icon  Advertising / Marketing  
Capital Investment required:  

Important Points for PRIONE Franchise

  Franchise Training Program:  cross icon  Training Program available for the franchiseecross icon  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:    Franchise Site
  Franchise available in Regions:  tick icon  Centraltick icon  Southerntick icon  Northerntick icon  Easterntick icon  Western
  Area/Site Preference:   
  Minimum Floor Area needed:   
  Term of Franchise Agreement:   
 cross icon   Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points  cross icon  Minimum Guarantee given  cross icon  Facility provided   2,50,000cross icon  Master Franchise Available  cross icon Site Select Help given  
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