Price Fluctuation Fund


Price Fluctuation Fund (Outlay Rs. 1700.00 lakh)
Head of Account: 2851-00-106-34

Price Fluctuation Fund scheme is intended to stabilize the price of coir fibre, yarn and coir products. This is aimed to make the COIRFED, FOMIL and KSCC capable to produce / procure the products from co-operatives giving price at par with the production cost and compensates the loss, if any, sustained while selling at market prices. The Co-operative societies, small scale producers and apex organizations will be directly benefited and indirectly benefit the entire coir workers by ensuring statutory wages. The provision can be used for price fluctuation/purchase price stabilization programmes alike. The incentives shall be input-output linked for the materials purchased through COIRFED, KSSC and FOMIL, based on total sales turnovers of the respective institution, that of sector as a whole, employment  generated and value added on products. Due care is to taken to avoid duplication of assistance at various stages in the value chain.

An amount of   1700.00 lakh is provided in the Budget 2016-17 for above activities.

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