Modi came to power by making false promises: Dotasra


Jaipur: Rajasthan Congress president Govind Singh Dotasra targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, saying he came to power by making false promises.

Speaking at an event held to mark 50 years of the victory of the Indian Army during Bangladesh’s war for independence, Dotasra stressed the need to tell people about the history and achievements of the Congress.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi only works to mislead and came into power by making false promises to the youth, farmers and women,” Dotasra said according to a statement.

“If we do not raise our voice against actions of the Modi government, do not take the history and achievements of the Congress among people, then these thugs who cheated people will remain in power,” he said.

The Congress leader said Modi won the elections by promising to reduce inflation, provide employment to the youth, eliminate black money and end terrorism but the truth is that the Union government failed to fulfil any of these promises.

He said while the prime minister asked for the account of 70 years, he is not giving the account of his own government to the public.

He alleged that while leaders of the Congress were fighting against the British, people of the RSS worked as British informers.

Even today, leaders of the RSS and the BJP are engaged in grabbing power by misleading the public, he said.

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