Paddy residue not liability anymore: Kejriwal


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said paddy straw is not a liability anymore and urged neighbouring states to make the Pusa bio-decomposer available to their farmers for on site management of crop residue.

He also said the microbial solution, which can turn stubble into manure, will be sprayed over 4,300 acres belonging to 844 farmers in Delhi. Last year, 310 farmers had used it on 1,935 acres of land.

Paddy straw is not a liability anymore We appeal to all states to make this low-cost solution available to their farmers like Delhi did, Kejriwal said while launching the preparations of Pusa bio-decomposer at Kharkhari Nahar village in southwest Delhi.

He said the Centre’s Commission for Air Quality Management has also acknowledged the success of the bio-decomposer and has directed Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to use it.

According to officials, Uttar Pradesh will use the bio-decomposer in 10 lakh acres of area, Punjab in five lakh acres and Haryana one lakh acre.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai said the Delhi government will start spraying the solution in fields from October 5.

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