Neyyar Irrigation Scheme


The Neyyar Irrigation Project is one among the Major Irrigation Project taken up in Kerala under the first five year plan.
The scheme envisages construction of a dam across Neyyar River near Kattakkada in Thiruvananthapuram district. The project was completed in 1973 and it envisages in  irrigating an ayacut of 11740 Ha. The scheme has now become an integral part of the lives of the people of Neyyatinkara Taluk and its surroundings, since it is the main source of water for agricultural and drinking purpose. Details of canals are given below.

CanalLength in Km
Right bank Main canal33.82
Left bank Main canal33.40
Branch canals104.60

The Neyyar Dam area is a main Tourist centre in Thiruvananthapuram District and there is a garden, swimming pool, boat service in reservoir, crocodile farm and lion safari park.

Salient features 
CompositionStraight gravity masonry dam
Ayacut area11740 Ha
Catchment area140Km²
LocationChembilamoodu , Neyyattinkara taluk
Longitude77°09’ E
Latitude8°32’ N
Full Reservoir Level84.73 m

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