NASA Warning; Asteroid will Collide with Earth’s orbit on Oct 7


NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Objects has recently warned that an asteroid called as space rock 2020 RK2, will collide with Earth’s orbit on Oct 7. The asteroid which is bigger than Boeing 747 8 series aeroplane, was first spotted on last month by the astrologists of NASA.

It moves at a speed of 6.68 kilometres per second and pass Earth at about 1:12pm EST or 6:12 British Summertime on October 7. Even though it is going to cross earth’s orbit closely, astrologists assured that the chances of any damage is ‘extremely unlikely’.

The asteroid will be passing 38,27,797 kilometres away from Earth’s surface and will revisit the orbit only after August 2027.
It is classified as an “Apollo asteroid” which means, it will fly by Earth’s orbit safely and without any disturbance.

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