Muslim Becomes Hindu,Receives Threats


ALIGARH:A 28-year-old Muslim man by the name of Qasim Khan has been receiving death threats from his own community members after he willingly left Islam and embraced Hinduism.

While talking to the media, he said, “My name was Qasim and after I converted people from Muslim community are threatening to kill me & my family. I need police protection.” Aligarh Superintendent of Police (Crime) Arvind Kumar informed that a case has been registered based on his complaint. He added that Qasim is being threatened by some people and that security has been deployed outside his house in Aligarh.

As per reports, Qasim had married 24-year-old Hindu woman named Anita Kumari in 2012. He met Anita when his father had taken a construction workshop on lease from her father. They fell in love and got hitched 8 years ago. Reportedly, Qasim Although the girl’s family was not happy with the marriage, the duo married as per Hindu traditions in 2013. The couple, who resides in Aligarh, has two kids, 7-year-old Kasifa and 4-year-old Ayaz.

He had earlier raised security concerns. Qasim said, “I had sought security from the district administration but they didn’t get back to me. I request the government again, I need protection.” His wife Anita had conceded that there was no pressure on her to convert to Islam or not follow Hindu rituals.

Eight years after his marriage, he voluntarily decided to convert to Hinduism. “No one forced me. I took this decision on my own,” Qasim emphasised. After embracing Hinduism, he has adopted the name of Karamveer Singh.

His conversion was facilitated on Sunday by a Hindu group. A member of the said organisation, Neeraj informed, “They are welcome to the fold of Hindu religion. We did the rituals at Arya Samaj temple on Sunday.” Although Qasim had applied for legal conversion on December 15 to the district magistrate, he did not hear back even after 5 days. As such, the Arya Samaj temple took it upon itself to facilitate the conversion.

The day Ram Mandir’s Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya was successfully performed by PM Narendra Modi, as many as 250 Muslims of 50 families, living in Motisara village of Payala Kalla Panchayat Samiti of Barmer city, in Rajasthan, decided to re-convert to Hinduism. According to reports, Vedic rituals were performed at the village and all 250 members of the 50 families converted to Hinduism by wearing the sacred thread.

The family members asserted that they have not been forced and that they have converted out of free will. The senior members of these Muslim families asserted that they originally belonged to the Kanchan Dhadhi caste. They were following Hindu customs for the past several years. They celebrate Hindu festivals every year at their residences.

In 1946,a muslim called Unneen had converted to Hinduism and become Ramasimhan,in Malabar.Fundamentalist muslims killed him.

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