Mamata vs Centre : story so far


This is not the first time Mamata Banerjee, the West Bengal chief minister and founder of the Trinamool Congress party, has challenged the central government. Mamata Banerjee was the chief minister who constantly challenged the central government to build her own empire. After the second phase, Mamata Banerjee is waiting to win the elections the third time.

BJP national president JP Nadda’s visit to West Bengal came under attack yesterday, sparked tensions between the Center and Mamata Banerjee’s government. Mamata Banerjee will be challenged by the BJP’s platform to win the forthcoming Assembly elections in April 2021.

The BJP has been facing constant problems against the Mamata government since the May 2016 assembly elections. The BJP is trying to win this coming election at a time when the mamata is blocking all attempts to root BJP in Bengal.

* The BJP’s seizure of the Trinamool Congress office within a week of the election 2016 was the beginning of this clash.

* BJP leaders in Bengal vow to uproot the Trinamool Congress from Bengal in another week.

* Mamata Banerjee says she will not even attend Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony.

* A CBI team came in Calcutta looking for former city police commissioner Rajeev Kumar as they wanted to question Kumar on the Saradha funds default investigation. Trinamool Congress members were also part of this scandal.

* The serious issue was the attack on doctors in NRS Medical College and Hospital in Calcutta by 200 men after a patient died. Senior BJP leader Mukul Roy went to the hospital and said  that a particular community who was behind the attack. This gave recent for some or attacks on other hospitals and doctors and later It led to protest of doctors against that attacks.

* During the panchayat election of 2018 great violence was occurred in the state. BJP claimed 52 of its workers were killed when TMC claimed it lost 14 workers in poll violence.

* The result of Panchayat election was positive for Trinamool Congress but BJP scored seats next to TMC. This was a hope for BJP that the party can take up a position in the state soon.

* Mamata Banerjee has barred Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath from conducting rath yatras in the state.

* The expulsion of the CBI and the denial of entry to the Union Ministers in Bengal exacerbated the problems between Mamata and the Central Government.

*During the covid period, Mamata did not even allow the central team to inspect the lockdown systems.

The clashes is getting high as the Niyama Sabha election is near. Mamatha is already in stress as her allies are joining BJP and her support from the minority groups is in the terms of declining. With Amit Shah taking over the reins of the Bengal campaign and the party’s state unit, the party will have to come up with big campaign strategies in the coming days. In 2021, Shah will visit Bengal once a week. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is shaping up for events to be held across Bengal. Amit Shah and party national president JP Nadda will be present.

The attack on JP nadda will put Mamatha in a serious situation. The central government has asked for explanation from chief secretary and police officials. If it goes wrong little people to see in bad fight between strong leaders of the nation.

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