Mamata Banerjee slams govt over suspension of 8 Rajya Sabha MPs | India News



NEW DELHI: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday condemned the suspension of eight Rajya Sabha MPs calling the action reflective of the “autocratic mindset” of the government.
Accusing the Centre and the ruling BJP of propagating ‘single party rule’ in the country, she urged opposition parties to come together and jointly fight the BJP.
“Even if they beat us, kill us, try to stop our voices by using unnatural and unconstitutional ways, our mission is to stand with the people, with farmers, workers and the youth,” she said in an audio message addressing the protesting MPs in Parliament on Sunday.
“I am strongly raising my voice because I want to extend my full solidarity with the farmers and all other people as also to the protesting MPs who are sitting on a dharna at the Gandhi statue (at the Parliament premises). Every state must raise their voice, must come out and hold rallies against the farmers’ issues, on issues like GST, labour, economy… there are many good people in many other parties… we need all of them to come together and raise their voice against what is going on,” she added.
“This BJP government is terrible, horrible and dangerous for the country and its people — farmers, workers, students, youth — that is why I am requesting all the parties to get solidly united and stand with the people who can see some hope,” Banerjee said.
She said, “all the state governments are powerless now… all power will belong only to one political party… wherever they (BJP) are not in power they (Centre) are not giving any money… states are spending they are sending out names (for schemes).”
Responding to the ruckus in Rajya Sabha, she said, “I strongly condemn the attitude of this BJP government. What happened yesterday in Rajya Sabha and what happened today is really an unfortunate matter… unfortunate for farmers, for people, for the country, for democracy.”


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