Kerala New Health Policy– Vaccination Cards Mandatory for School Admission


Kerala govt. has proposed a new Health Policy 2018 in which govt. will make vaccination cards mandatory for students seeking admission in 1st standard. Subsequently, parents must get their child vaccinated for admissions in school which will reduce the Mortality Rate of children. Moreover, Kerala Health policy 2018 also contains provision of strict legal action against people who discourage parents from getting their children vaccinated.

The state govt. has planned this move after several vaccination programmes facing resistance in Kerala. Most recent example is the Measles Rubella (MR) vaccination drive in few districts. In addition to this, govt. will also make standard treatment guidelines compulsory for doctors at govt. hospitals and also at private hospitals.

Subsequently, Kerala govt. will also take efficient steps to curb corruption and strengthen vigilance system in hospitals. Moreover, this policy will ensure that all the children below the age of 5 are immunized and will achieve total immunization.

Kerala Health Policy – Details

The important features and highlights of this Kerala New Health Policy are as follows:-

  • This new health policy will make vaccination cards essential to get admissions in schools.
  • Subsequently, govt. is planning to open special clinics for transgenders in various taluk and district level hospitals. In addition this, govt. will also provide sex reassignment surgery for transgenders under the state health insurance scheme.
  • Although Maternal Mortality Rate is lesser in Kerala as compared to other states but still govt. will focus on reducing this number. For this, govt. will conduct survey to asses the cause and will take corrective measures.
  • All the doctors at govt. / private hospitals must follow the standard treatment guidelines. Moreover, govt. will strengthen vigilance system in hospitals. The primary objective is to ensure rationale, effective and affordable treatment.
  • Kerala Health Policy 2018 also contains provision of comprehensive trauma care facility at every 10 KM through coordination of services of govt., private and cooperative hospitals.
  • Kerala govt. will also improve facilities at various trauma care units and provide training to locals on Trauma Care. This training will cover aspects on handling situations after an accident and first aid facilities.
  • Accordingly, this health policy also proposes division of state health department into 2 parts. This policy will replace Director of Health Services with separate directors for clinical services and public health. However, the Director of Medical Educations will still hold its office.

Kerala govt. will grant Administrative autonomy to the medical colleges under Kerala Health Policy 2018. Now principals and hospital superintendents will be able to carry out administrative work effectively. Accordingly, this policy will minimize the complicated procedures and will provide them with administrative freedom.

The draft policy also has a provision to form an antibiotics guidelines committee to frame an antibiotic policy. Under this antibiotic policy, doctors will have to compulsorily specify the generic names of medicines in their prescription.

Govt. will also form a comprehensive Health Information System which will contain medical records of all patients from all hospitals without compromising their privacy.

Moreover, new health policy also ensures to provide a major boost to research activities in several medical colleges. Furthermore, govt. will also put a ban on the private practice of doctors.

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