Kalahandi celebrates ‘Saptapuri Amabasya’


Saptapuri Amabasya is being celebrated with traditional gaiety in Kalahandi district of Odisha.

The two-day festival, which began on Monday, is known as the ‘pora uans’ in the Kalahandi dialect as wildflower ‘pora’ or flame lily is used on the occasion.

Earlier, it was celebrated across Kalahandi with grandeur and treated as the traditional children’s day but is now limited to rural pockets.

Family members prepare different types of delicacies like ‘khaja’ and other traditional sweets for the children.

After worshiping the family deities, children are dressed up and sent out to play in the company of their friends.

Children pull terracotta and wooden bullocks, horses, and elephants laden with different types of dry foods and ‘pora’ flowers.

It is believed that in the bygone era, trading communities of the area used to start their journey to distant places by carrying goods on bullocks and elephants on this day.

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