Johnson & Johnson’s Covid Vaccine will be Tested On 60,000


Johnson & Johnson’s developed Covid vaccine to enter the large, phase three trails in US. Vaccine that aims to protect people with a single shot has entered the final stage of testing will recruit up to 60,000 participants. Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer of J&J, predicted that there may be enough data to have results by the end of the year and said the company plans to manufacture 1 billion doses next year.

The company is initially testing a single dose, whereas the other vaccines being tested in the United States require a return visit and second shot three to four weeks after the first one to trigger a protective immune response. The J&J vaccine can also be stored in liquid form at refrigerator temperatures for three months, whereas two of the front-runner candidates must be frozen or kept at ultracold temperatures for long-term storage.

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A single-shot vaccine, if it’s safe and effective, will have substantial logistic advantages for global pandemic control, said Researcher. The United States has invested billions of dollars in an array of vaccine technologies, including close to $1.5 billion to support the development of the J&J vaccine and an advance purchase of 100 million doses. The J&J vaccine is the second to use a viral-vector approach, taking a harmless virus and inserting into it a gene that contains the blueprint for a distinctive part of the novel coronavirus.

J&J, like other vaccine companies, promised to publish the full protocol for its trial, which includes detailed information on how researchers will determine whether it is safe and effective. The trial is designed to be twice as large as the initial design of other Phase 3 trials in the United States, although the Pfizer trial has also expanded to include 44,000 participants. Half the participants will receive a vaccine, and half will receive a placebo.

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