Insurance Scheme (Savalambam) for Disabled People


The State Government of Kerala is considering to launch an insurance scheme for the disabled people across the state. The government has named the insurance scheme as “Savalambam”. This scheme was announced on the occasion of loan Mela for disabled people at Parasaala district by Chief Minister of Kerala State.

The aim of Savalambam scheme is the inclusion of the disabled people into the mainstream of society. The state govt. has already taken many steps to make all the public facilities disabled friendly like offices, public place, tourist centers etc. The insurance scheme is a step further in providing social and financial security to the disabled in the state.

The Savalambam scheme has been announced but not launched yet, once the scheme is launched, all the information would be updated here.

Eligibility Criteria for Savalambam Scheme

Below is the basis eligibility criteria for the disabled people to take the benefits of the Savalambam insurance scheme

  • Disabled person who have completed 65 years of age.
  • The person with more than 40% disability is eligible for this scheme.

The Kerala State Handicapped Persons’ Welfare Corporation had organized the loan Mela for the disabled people during which the scheme was announced. This program will surely improve the condition of disabled people. Under the loan scheme, loans up to Rs 25 lakhs will be provided by the Welfare corporation for starting small scale ventures based on their ability.

There are about 7,61,843 disabled people in Kerala state, out of which, the male population is 51.81% and female population is 48.19%. Those persons with disability requires proper care, protection, training, employment and rehabilitation etc, hence the scheme is being taken into consideration.

The various government departments in co-ordination with Kerala state Handicapped Persons’ Welfare Corporation, will implement the Swavalamban scheme across the state. This Scheme will increase confidence and create a feeling of equality among disabled persons of society.

According to the official data, the population of disabled people in the country is continuously increasing. In a decade between two Censuses — that of 2001 and 2011 — the country’s disabled population has increased by 22.4 per cent even as the total households having disabled persons in the country have increased by 20.5 lakh.

The urban cities are the major causes to increase the number of disabled person. The road and industrial accidents are the major cause of rendering the many incidents in urban area.

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