India has the highest bribery rate in Asia


According to a new report by Transparency International, India has the highest bribery rate in Asia. The Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) – Asia, has also confirmed that India has the highest rate of people using personal connections to access public services.

The report is based upon the survey which was conducted on 2000 people between June 17 and July 17 this year in India. Slow and complicated bureaucratic process, unnecessary red tape and unclear regulatory frameworks force citizens to seek out alternate solutions to access basic services through networks of familiarity and petty corruption. Although reporting cases of corruption is critical to curbing the spread, a majority of citizens in India (63 percent) think that if they report corruption, they will suffer retaliation, the report said.

After India, Cambodia has the second highest bribery rate at 37 percent, followed by Indonesia (30 percent).

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