How To Grow nutrient rich Chia Seeds


Chia Seeds are mostly cultivated in China and the US. In India, Chia seeds were mainly cultivated in Mandsaur & Neemuch but for the first time, it was cultivated in Uttar Pradesh (Amseruva, and Siddhaur). The Chia seeds cultivation has been started by the Sultanpur District Military Welfare Officer, Harishchandra Singh.  

Land Preparation  
Harishchandra Singh said that the soil should be pulverized for the rich production of chia seeds. It is important to have sufficient moisture in the field before sowing. This crop is planted in the Rabi season in October and November month. A mildly cool climate is required for its cultivation.  

Chia Seeds Cultivation: Sowing Process
Sowing can be done at a distance of 30 cm. After 15 to 20 days of germination, reduce the distance of plants to 15 cm. Cow dung manure and vermicompost can be used for better growth of plants. Around one to one and a half kg of seeds can be used per acre of land.  

Yield & Harvesting 
The chia seeds crop usually takes around 115 days to get ripen. For harvesting, the whole crop is uprooted and dried for five days. Threshing is done after drying. On an average, yield of five to seven quintal can be obtained from one acre.  

About the Crop 
Chia seeds crop is slightly similar to Ramdana. The market price of chia seeds is around 1500 to 1800 rupees per kg. It costs around 75 thousand per bigha and the net profit can be expected ranging from one and a half to two lakh rupees. Chia seeds can be purchased online from the international market.  

Chia Seeds are rich source of many nutrients. They are high in protein, antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. They offer five times the calcium available from milk, and the enzymes in the seeds may aid digestion. Researchers believe that chia seeds have an important role in diabetes treatment. Chia seeds may also help to lower triglycerides, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Use the seeds in baking or add a light crunch with a sprinkle of them over salads, casseroles, or vegetable dishes. Chia sprouts are also delicious additions to salad greens.

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