Housing Scheme for Transgenders by Kerala


Kerala state govt. is planning to introduce a housing scheme for transgenders in the state. This initiative is aimed at assisting the sexual minority to fight discrimination and overcome social stigma. The housing scheme would be implemented with the help of local bodies and NGO’s that would ensure a safe dwelling environment for the financially weak among the transgender community.

The objective of this housing scheme is to provide a shelter for transgender community because the unavailability of house was a major concern for Kerala state govt. This project will be implemented under the supervision of Social Justice Department. SJD has worked toward ensuring shelter for all homeless transgenders.

Housing Scheme for Transgenders in Kerala

Two types of housing schemes for transgenders are being considered by the government. Govt. is providing short-term shelter homes and housing colony exclusively for the sexual minority. The purpose of this scheme is to ensure transgender people in Kerala get a dignified livelihood.

According to the census of 2011, total population of transgender is 3902 in Kerala. Out of this population, children counting is 295 and literacy rate is 84.61%. Literacy rate is good in state but they don’t get opportunity in all types of jobs and good standard in society.

Transgenders have marginalized and alienated for so long despite being a part of the society. They have all the constitutional rights like any other resident of the country and state. It becomes the duty of center and state to provide them all opportunity and give a dignified life.

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