Health Insurance Scheme for Jobless Cashew Workers


The state government of Kerala has launched health insurance scheme for jobless cashew workers of the state. The objective of this scheme is to provide an insurance cover to all jobless cashew workers so that they can feel financially strong in times of any health issues.

The health insurance scheme is being implemented by Kerala cashew workers relief and welfare fund board with the help of the comprehensive health insurance agency of Kerala. The problems of health with cashew workers industry is on the peak in the state. Therefore, the government has launched health insurance scheme for such jobless workers of the state.

Moreover, the cashew worker will have to be made registration on Akshaya Centres to avail the benefits of health insurance scheme. This scheme is only to those cashew workers who have left their job. They are owing to the non-operation of 290 private cashew factories in the state.

Cashew Workers Health Insurance Scheme

Below given are the highlights and details of the insurance scheme for jobless cashew workers:-

  • The state government of Kerala will provide free health insurance to all jobless cashew workers in the state.
  • This scheme will cover jobless cashew workers according to the socio-economic condition of the cashew worker.
  • The cashew worker will have to submit Welfare Fund Board card, ESI card, Aadhaar card and ration card at the time of registration on Akshay centers.
  • The documents of cashew workers will be notified by the offices of the Welfare Fund Board Inspectors.
  • The inspectors will issue a certificate that will have to be registered through the Akshaya Centres.

The Comprehensive Health Insurance Agency of Kerala will issue the insurance policy to the registered cashew workers under the scheme.

A lot of cashew workers has unemployed due to 290 non-functional private cashew factories. Keeping in mind the problems of jobless cashew workers, government is providing an insurance cover so that in case of any medical emergency the life of workers could be saved.

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