Govt to solve Jacobite – Orthodox disputes through meetings


The Kerala government initiates a peace movement in the dispute between the Jacobite and Orthodox churches today. The conflicts arose after the judgment of the Supreme Court on July 3, 2017 to hand over the power of Jacobite churches to Orthodox section.

The Jacobite section lost control over 45 churches by then. The Jacobite’s protest to pursue the government for legitimate an ordinance against the power change led to a compromise meeting in the vigilance of the government itself. The meeting with Jacobites was held at 10 am today and the discussion with Orthodox section is scheduled at 3 pm.

Dr. Thomas Marthimothiyos, Dr. Gevarghese Mar Curillos, Dr. Kuriakose Mar Theophilos represented the Jacobite section. Yuhanon Mar Dia Scors, Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios and Gabrielle Mar Grigorios will represent the Orthodox section in the meeting. 

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