Google Play Store removed 17 apps


Google Play Store removed 17 apps after detecting malicious activities causing WAP fraud by them. Zscaler Threat LabZ, a cloud security firm researched and monitored malwares and found these apps in Google Play Store. The researchers from the cloud security company immediately informed Google the cautions of these malware apps and Google removed it with immediate effect.

A malware named Joker usually attack Android devices was in these apps that were uploaded on the Play Store this month. The malware will steal the affected device’s data information, contact details and messages and also may signing up the user for premium services of WAP.

The apps removed are:

All Good PDF Scanner
Blue Scanner
Care Message
Direct Messenger
Desire Translate
Hummingbird PDF Converter
Mint Leaf Message
Meticulous Scanner
One Sentence Translator
Part Message
Paper Doc Scanner
Private SMS
Unique Keyboard
Style Photo Collage
Tangram App Lock
Talent Photo Editor

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