Financial Assistance to Ex-Convicts, Probationers and Ex-Pupils


The age-old idea was that the offender should be confined to the prison and kept away from the community as long as possible. But, in course of time, it has been realized that the protection of society is better ensured if the offender is corrected and reformed through individualized treatments.

Social Rehabilitation of ex-convicts, probationers and ex-pupils placed under supervision of poor economic condition is a grave social problem.  As part of providing a reformation to such target population, Social Justice Department has initiated a scheme which provides enough financial assistance to them for starting some Industry, Craft or Small Trade so as to enable them to earn a livelihood. 

The After Care Programme intended to rehabilitate ex-convicts, probationers and ex-pupils coming under the supervision of District Probation Officers.  By utilizing this amount they shall be engaged in small scale income generating activities.  The maximum amount of financial assistance is 15,000/- per head. The application form will be available from the District Probation Officer.


GOsFinancial Assistance to Ex-Convicts, Probationers, Ex-Pupils
Application FormsFinancial Assistance to Ex-convicts
Application FormsFinancial Assistance to Probationers

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