Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955

PCR Act is enforced in the state in order to protect the rights of Scheduled Caste People and to eradicate the Social discrimination. For this purpose department conducts various awareness camps, Seminars, Processions cultural programs etc. Inter caste Marriage grant is provided by Department under this.

Prevention of Atrocities Act-1989:

As per the PA Act Department provide relief amount to victims of atrocities and rehabilitation if any needed. Awareness Campus and Seminars are also conducted in all districts for the publicity of PCR and PoA Act.

Relief Amounts:-

Rs.85,000/- to 8,25,000/- based on nature of attrocities committed is given to the victim. The assistance is given in installments at FIR, charge, conclusion of trial and conviction stages. Travelling allowance is also provided to victims and witnesses for travelling to police station and court.

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