Educational Assistance to Children of Women Headed Families


The number of women headed families in Kerala is very high. Majority of these families are living in deplorable conditions. The scheme proposes to extend a helping hand to these families by way of providing financial assistance to the education of children. This is a one-time assistance. 


  • Children of Women Headed Families


  • Children below 5 years & between 1st and 5th standard : Rs 300 per month
  • Between 6th & 10th standard: Rs 500 per month
  • Plus one, Plus two: Rs 750 per month
  • Degree and above :Rs 1000 per month

Eligibility criteria:

  • BPL Family – (HIV/AIDS affected persons, socially discriminated persons, war widows etc are eligible irrespective of their BPL status)
  • Only two children of a family are eligible
  • The child who avail any other scholarship is not eligible for the assistance. A certificate to this has to be obtained from the head of educational institution where the child studies

How to Avail:

  • The applications are collected by Child Development Project Officers through Anganwadi Workers and will be forwarded to the District Social Justice Offices

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