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Dr Batra’s, the world’s largest homoeopathy franchise chain, is looking forward to open hundreds of new clinics in India in the coming few years, said CEO Akshay Batra. With the country’s medical business opportunities growing at unforeseen rates, it would be a great idea to open a Dr. Batra’s franchise in India. Learn more about starting a new Dr Batra clinic here. Keep reading!

Why open a Dr Batra’s franchise homoeopathy clinic?

Why would you want to start a Dr Batra’s homoeopathy clinic, or rather think about how to start a Dr Batra’s franchise in the first place? Well, the first reason is, Dr. Batra’s clinics mean the state of art homoeopathic treatments with a collective network of nearly 100 clinics with more than 250 homoeopaths caring for a better service day in and out, thereby attracting a larger patient pool every year. Yes, it is the world’s largest chain of homoeopathy clinics; you can find that from their logo itself! Secondly, as the CEO and the Deputy Managing Director of Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Private Ltd (DBPHCPL) announced around May 2011, the homoeopathy corporates are looking forward to open at least 300 new clinics in the coming three four years, and homoeopathy is looking to achieve a 200% growth. In plain words, that is an excellent business opportunity you should be looking forward to grab. Let us find out more about the steps of opening a new Dr. Batra’s franchise clinic, costs and requirements, and possible returns on investment.

While Dr. Batra’s started its journey back in 1982, the franchise distribution commenced only in 2012. Thus, it is a brand not yet saturated and you can rest assured about its growth.

Investments: Cost of starting Dr Batra’s clinic in India

The cost of starting a Dr Batra’s franchise in India will be around 20 to 30 lacs (INR), the investment including an average cost in Indian cities for an average required area of 300 sq ft. A commercial property, preferably on high streets or market areas, is the ideal place required for opening Dr Batra’s homoeopathy clinics. The franchise term is for 5 years, which is further renewable.

Opening Dr Batra’s Franchise Clinic: Return on investment

While no performance guarantee is given to the franchise units, the performance history of Dr Batra’s clinics are quite satisfactory and you can expect roughly 60% return on investment from Dr Batra’s franchise homoeopathy clinics. That means, the anticipate pay back period of your capital investment is one and half years, or two years at best. Unit franchises are also given exclusive territorial rights, and no one else can cut your cakes!

Dr. Batra’s Franchise Training and Support Details

While opening a new Dr. Batra’s clinic, the corporate house will assist you in every aspect of the set up including architectural support, layout design, and staffing. In depth training will also be provided to the staff, including product trainings and skill enhancement trainings. Centralized marketing and sales support is also offered through web, retail and media.

If you want more details about opening a new Dr Batra’s franchise clinic, contact www.drbatras.com/en/contact-us.aspx.

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