Development/Upgradation of Watermills

Ministry of New and Renewable Resources

The Watermills (WM) and Micro Hydel Projects (MHP) have the potential to meet the power requirements of remote areas in a decentralized manner. The scheme provides grant of Central Financial Assistance for development/ upgradation of WM and setting up of MHP. The scheme also envisages support for specialised studies/survey, strengthening of database, training and capacity building relating to WM and MHP.

Nature of Assistance

Preference would be given to WM owned by women, women entrepreneurs or received from women NGOs to submit the proposals. The Ministry would also give financial support for training/ capacity building programmes.

Incentive to SNA by CFA would be, an incentive of Rs.3,500 per watermill in mechanical mode, Rs.10,000 per WM in electrical/ electrical & mechanical mode, and 1% of the subsidy or a minimum of Rs.25,000 for each MHP will be provided as service charges, in case the SNA is not the owner of the WM/ MHP. In case project is being implemented by NGO, the service charges will be shared between SNA and NGO in the ratio of 30:70.

Who can apply?

The CFA for WM and MHP under the scheme is applicable for the projects to be implemented by the State Government Department/SNA/Local bodies/Cooperatives/NGOs, Entrepreneurs/ Individuals.

How to apply?

Apply through the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

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