Cluster development and husk procurement programme in Coir sector


The objective of the scheme is to form a Consortium for the collection of the husk, establishing a yarn bank, establishing common facility centre, and common showroom and sales outlets. Establishing one consortium under the scheme is the targeted output. The expected outcome is ensuring availability of raw material, use of modern technology, increase in the volume of sales and exports.

  1. Cluster Development Programme: Cluster Development Programme in Coir sector is being implemented by Coir Board under the Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI). Clusters can be formed as per norms and avail the central assistance based on projects. The amount provided can be utilized as State‟s matching share in the projects.
  2. Coir consortium: Husk procurement is the key to successful implementation of the „2nd restructuring of coir sector‟ as it provides the raw materials required for mechanisation of the defibering units. Therefore an institutional mechanism is essential for catalysing mechanisation and technology development in the State in achieving self-reliance, diversification and quality in the coir sector.

An amount of `100 lakhs is provided for the scheme in the budget 2020-21 towards matching State share of Cluster Development Programme and for the consortium.

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