BREAKING: Fire at ONGC plant in surat, Huge blast


A Huge Blast in surat wroke up to the sound after 3am. Fire tenders are present at the spot. The blast was followed by a massive fire that could be seen from a distance. The fire bgan after the blast between 3 to 3.15am. firefighters present at Oil and Natural Gas Corporation plant spot. No casualty reported so far. The activity of depressurizing the pressurized gas system underway by ONGC officials.

The blast has taken place at two terminals at ONGC Hazira, Surat. This Hazira ONGC gas pipeline in Surat is a part of the 240km long Bombay high. A gassy smell engulfed the area for about 10km around the source ofe the fire, said residents. Many residents mistook the blast for an earthquake initially.

A fire was observed in the Hazira Gas processing plant in the morning today, Fire has been brought under control. Thre is no casualty or injury to any person, ONGC offical statements.

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