Bolivia approves first same-sex marriage


Bolivia was facing continuous protest from the civilians to approve same sex marriages. After long legal battles Bolivia approves the first same-sex union. Bolivia’s Constitutional Court has recently ruled that domestic laws should be consistent with international human rights obligations.

David Aruquipa, a 48-year-old businessman, and Guido Montano, a 45-year-old lawyer where the first same sex couple forgot their union a legal approval. They were initially denied the right to register their union in 2018 by authorities in Bolivia, by saying the country’s laws did not allow same-sex marriage.

They entered into a legal fight against the authorities and argued before the court that the prohibition of their union violated human rights and constituted discrimination under Bolivian law. The court opinionated that the country’s constitution requires laws and administrative procedures be interpreted in a way consistent with the principles of equality and non-discrimination, including on the basis of sexual orientation.

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