Bihar Election Dates Announced


The Bihar assembly election dates were announced chief election commissioner Sunil Arora today. The election will be held in three phases from October 28 to November 7. The first, second and third phase of voting will be held on October 28rd, November 3rd and November 7th respectively. The counting of votes will be on November 10.

The Model Code of Conduct (MCC) was enforced in the state with along the announcement of election. The due date for expiration of the state assembly is 29 November.  38 seats are reserved for SC and two for ST in total number 243 state  assembly seats.

The 65 by-elections to fill vacancies in various assemblies and one in Lok Sabha was decided to hold pending by the Election Commission today. In first phase 71 assembly constituencies in 16 districts, in second phase 94 assembly constituencies in 17 districts and in third phase 78 Assembly constituencies in 15 districts will go to polls.

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