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Job Description

Are you a Skilled Architect with the Ability to See Big-picture Concepts and a Talent for Developing Innovative Concepts and Design Elements? if So, We Would Love to have You Head Up Our Team of Architects and Engineers On Projects that Will Lead the Company Into a Bright Future. You Will have the Chance to Oversee Each Project from the Proposal Phase Through Completion and Interface Directly with In-house Personnel as Well as Potential Clients. We Strongly Support Each Employees Professional Development and Offer Several Opportunities, such as Tuition Reimbursement, Seminars, Conferences, and a Well-developed Track to Senior Management and Executive Positions. Join Us for the Chance to Take Your Career to the Next Level with Challenging Projects and Competitive Pay and Benefits.

Job Responsibilities

Coordinate and Oversee all Technical Activities Relating to Architectural and Engineering Projects, Including Directing the Design Team, Reviewing Drafts and Computer Models, and Approving Design Changes.

Communicate Directly with Managers, Production Staff, Marketing Personnel, and Clients to Discuss and Organize Projects from Original Conceptual Design Through Construction.

Present Design Proposals and Bids to Clients According to Prescribed Deadlines, and Explain Relevant Details, Reports, Expense Line Items, and Goals in Clear and Persuasive Language.

Provide Consultations and Spearhead Negotiations with Potential Clients During the Project Development and Bidding Phases.

Assess Potential Projects for Feasibility By Researching and Analyzing Associated Technology, Design Requirements, Governmental Regulations, and Market Demand.

Oversee Recruitment Efforts to Staff Project Teams with Architectural and Engineering Personnel as Needed and Provide Top-level Management for all Design and Engineering Teams.

Industry: Architecture / Interior Designing

Functional Area: Real Estate / Construction

Number of Vacancy: 999

SALARY: Rs 20,00,000 to 50,00,000 p.a

Location: UAE


Higher Secondary, Secondary School, Vocational Course, Diploma, Advanced/Higher Diploma, Professional Degree, Other Bachelor Degree, MD/Medicinae Doctor, Post Graduate Diploma, Other Doctorate Degree

About Gollip Companies

Gollip Companies is a private owned companies. Our in-house expertise spans across the interdisciplinary demands of operating an active independent oil and gas company,real estate,pharmacies,resorts,energy and courier services: exploring, developing, acquiring and producing hydrocarbons. We are focused on building a world-class oil and gas company, which creates world-class opportunities.
Gollip Companies core operations are in Ohio,Toledo. Gollip Companies also has holdings in Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Louisiana. We are active buyers of productive and non-productive mineral rights.
Gollip Companies is also continually looking for assets that could serve as helping to establish new core areas for us. We welcome opportunities to evaluate your farm-in, joint venture, property exchange, or strategic asset sale. We are well positioned to be a natural buyer and consolidator of high-quality, legacy conventional assets in Ohio,Toledo and along the Gulf Coast.

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