Amazon to soon allow sellers connect with customers directly


Amazon may soon allow sellers to directly connect with customers via emails about new product announcements and sales.

The e-commerce giant is currently testing this new feature called “Manage Your Customer Engagement” that will help sellers contact Amazon users who have specifically chosen to follow a particular company, reports CNBC.

The new email campaign option is a free service for sellers, but it’s only available to brands registered through Amazon’s Brand Registry programme.

Launched in 2015, Brand Registry helps businesses curb the sale of counterfeits and more than 350,000 brands have registered to be part of the programme.

“Shoppers’ contact information will continue to remain private.

Amazon will give companies aggregate data when they use the tool that shows them how many emails will go out when they decide to share marketing campaigns with their followers,” the report mentioned on Friday.

Amazon will tell brands how many customers have opted to receive the emails, along with performance metrics for the campaign.

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